From our humble beginning as a Trading & Contracting Company, Shift has evolved to be a conglomerate that manages a wide array of business sectors such as:
Manufacturing, Real Estate, Hospitality, Trading, Contracting, Engineering Consulting and Retail Businesses under its umbrella. We know what we do best. That is why we embraced our vision to be a management company that strive to achieve “Sustainable Growth “.

Based on our passion for excellence in all what we do, we believe in investing on people’s happiness, that encircle from our customers to employees is the key to success.

Our Manufacturing Companies

  • Shift Rubber Industries
  • Sehmiah Cement
  • Sedriayah Cement

Real Estate & Construction

  • Shift Trading & Contracting
  • Dicotech
  • Treve Tower
  • Takamul- Tower 18 at Pearl.
  • Ibis & Adagio Apartment Hotel

Hospitality Sectors

  • Mondrian Doha Hotel – SBE Franchise
  • Magnolia Bakery Qatar – Magnolia Bakery New York Franchise


  • Gift Shed
  • Bread & Butter

Engineering & Acoustic Consulting


Security and Information Systems

  • Dicotech-Corvit

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